Thursday, July 26, 2018

Anju Panta And Her Daughter & Mother On An Interview - Video Interview

Anju Panta is a standout amongst the most favored female vocalist in Nepal. She is favored for playback melodies to present day tunes and she is administering music industry till now. Anju Panta shares about her hit tune 'Na Birse Timilai' and how this tune transformed her vocation into pick level. She additionally shares the battle stage and how she defeats every one of those terrible minutes and came to this place. Anju Panta likewise says she got numerous offers for doing lead part in motion pictures however she don't have enthusiasm to be an on-screen character in ongoing time. She may think in future yet at introduce time she don't have any such point or enthusiasm to be a performing artist and come into extra large screen. She additionally discusses her little girl who may pick the vocation of vocalist or performer as she need. Anju Panta's ongoing his tunes are Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu and Surke Thaili Khai which has won the hearts of group of onlookers.