Friday, August 3, 2018

My Cooking My Style-Village style chicken chukka.!!

Kerala Village Style Chicken Curry is a fiery and sweet-smelling formula. The feature of this regular formula is its ground glue and arrangement. Back home my grandma used to set up this dish with the first fixings and she crush entire flavors with the assistance of arakallu/customary pounding stone. After the granulating procedure, she influences this sweet-smelling curry in a major earth to pot/mannchatti in conventional wooden fire stove (viraku aduppu), that town style of arrangement gives the curry an extraordinary fragrance and surface. Those circumstances I was dependably around with her and viewing the entire procedure. At the point when the curry is bubbling in the pot, she seared a few onions, bean stew and curry leaves in the coconut oil in an irumbu glib (Traditional Iron skillet) and poured over to the enticing chicken curry.