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After 10 years, Himani Shah and Paras Shah were seen together

Following 10 years, Himani Shah and Paras Shah were seen together in an open capacity. Yet, they didn't meet up. Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev was the Crown Prince of Nepal, the beneficiary clear to the honored position, from 2001 until the cancelation of the government by the Interim Constituent Assembly in 2008 after Constituent Assembly decisions
Biography of  Himani Shah 
Rajkumari Himani Singh of Sikar was conceived in Rajasthan. She is the center girl of Raja Bikram Singh of Sikar and Rani Bipula Singh (née Kumari Bipula Singh of Bajhang)[2] and she is from the imperial group of Sikar state in Rajasthan. She is a Surya Vanshi - Shekhawat Rajput. She finished her middle of the road training in trade, from Galaxy Public School, in Kathmandu.

Her sisters are Rajkumari Reshma Singh and Rajkumari Aparna Singh, a specialist.
Paras Shah's Car Controlled By Traffic Police

Himani wedded Paras, expelled Crown Prince of Nepal on 25 January 2000. Her better half was named Crown Prince of Nepal on October 26, 2001, which means she turned into the Crown Princess in the midst of different imperial conventions. They have three kids.