Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bishnu Majhi's Dashain Song | Fatyo Hola Timro Choli

Tune in to the new dashain melody discharged in the market and the name of the new tune is Fatyo Hola Timro Choli by Singer – Bishnu Majhi and Mohan Khadka. The Lyrics of the melody is given by Bimal Adhikari and the music is given by Ramu Khadka. Craftsmen – Bimal Adhikari and Susmita , Editor – Amar Shakya, Camera – Surya Shrestha, Director – Kapil Lama.

About seventh Day Phulpati 

Phulpati is a noteworthy festival happening on the seventh day of Dashain.

Generally, on this day, the illustrious Kalash, banana stalks, Jamara and sugar stick tied with red material is brought by Brahmins from Gorkha, a three-day stroll, around 169 kilometers (105 mi) far from the Kathmandu Valley. Several administration authorities assemble in the Tundikhel grounds in ordinary formal dress to see the occasion. The ruler used to watch the function in Tundikhel while the Phulpati march was going towards the Hanuman Dhoka regal royal residence. At that point there is a glorious presentation of the Nepalese Army alongside a celebratory discharging of weapons that proceeds for ten to fifteen minutes regarding Phulpati. The Phulpati is taken to the Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace when the event closes in Tundikhel, where a motorcade is held.[16]

Since 2008, when the illustrious family was toppled, the two-exceptionally old convention is changed with the goal that the blessed offering of Phulpati goes to the living arrangement of the president. The President has assumed control over the ruler's social and religious jobs after the fall of the illustrious government.