Friday, September 7, 2018

Dead man found inside the car, Is it murder or sucide

Dead man found inside the car 

Gasp Murder: IGP pledges to book culprits 

Monitor General of Police (IGP) Sarbendra Khanal on Friday pledged to make a move against the culprits engaged with the assault and murder of Nirmala Pant a month ago. 

Dead man found inside the car

The announcement comes multi day after Khanal met relatives of Nirmala Panta and
furthermore investigated the site where her body was found. 

"The hoodlums will be reserved. A specialist group is researching the case," said Khanal, who is in the city to participate in of 'Decrease Violence against Women and Human Rights Protection' crusade. 

"The national battle to be propelled by Nepal Police in a joint effort with NHRC from today will help control wrongdoing," the police boss said. 

IG Khanal stated, "We will push forward by planning with every social association including rights activists and common society. The Campaign will be useful to guarantee casualties' entrance to equity."