Sunday, September 16, 2018

Devi Gharti's New Dashain Song | Abhagi

Tune in to the new dashain melody discharged in the market and the name of the new tune is Abhagi by Singer – Devi Gharti and Kiran Pariyar. The Lyrics of the tune is given by Pradeep Gautam and Baburam Gautam and the music is given by Kiran Pariyar. Craftsmen – Susmita Giri and Kiran Pariyar, Editor – Deepak Bista, Camera – Suresh Shrestha, Director – Kapil Lama

Day 10: Bijaya Dashami or Vijaya Dashami 

Father and mother putting tika on their youngsters' head amid Dashain celebration

The tenth day of the celebration is the 'Dashami'. On this day, a blend of rice, yogurt and vermilion is set up by the ladies. This planning is known as "tika". Frequently dashain tika time[18] is distinctive consistently. Senior citizens put this tika and jamara which is sown in the Ghatasthapana on the brow of more youthful relatives to favor them with bounty in the up and coming years. The red likewise symbolizes the blood that ties the family together. Older folks give "Dakshina", or a little measure of cash, to more youthful relatives as of now alongside the endowments. This keeps on being watched for five days till the full moon amid which period families and relatives visit each other to trade blessings and welcome. This custom of taking tika from all the senior relatives (even the far off relatives) helps in the restoration of the network ties incredibly. This is one motivation behind why the celebration is commended with so much force and excitement.

New Lok Dohori | Makuri Jaal Buna

Before the crumple of the government framework in Nepal, a large number of individuals going from the clergymen, representatives and overall population used to assemble in the old imperial castle to take the tika and gift from the ruler who is thought to be the manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Be that as it may, after the crumple of the government framework the leader of the nation who is viewed as the leader of the state has been proceeding with the pattern by offering the tika to the overall population and clergymen