Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kauli Budhi's New Comedy Song

Tune in to the new satire tune discharged in the market and the name of the new melody is Singham by Singer Tejas Regmi and Sandhya Budha (Kauli Budhi). The Lyrics of the melody is given by Tejas Regmi and the music is given by Tejas Regmi. Specialists – Yadav Devkota (Sarape), Sandhya Budha (Kauli Budhi) and Sher B. D.C, Editor – Sujan Shahi, Camera – Harish Mahara, Director – Saroj Roshan Bhattarai.

In this video, we can see A restrictive meeting with Sandhya Budha 'Kauli Budhi'. She is known to be a Kauli Budi. She runs a program in the bindas TV appear and the name of the show is Kauli Budi that is the reason she is known to be a Kauli Budi by the group of onlookers. She is most known for her melodies. She had sung numerous tunes which are hit in the market as well. Here in this video, she discusses her profession. We can see the fun talk in this video