Sunday, September 16, 2018

New facts about Nirmala rape and murder case

New actualities about Nirmala assault and murder case . Nirmal Pant is playing a rally in Kathmandu on Monday morning requesting equity. After the expulsion of confirmation from police care, the evacuation of verification of the killer, Yagyanaj and Durga Dampakti are as yet suspicious. It is on edge that the mystery of the murder case, which won't be discovered liable of extortion, will be external in the mystery or the annihilation of the Namita-Sunita slaughter in Pokhara in the last course of Panchayat..

Dead Man Found Inside The Car, Is It Murder Or Sucide

The administration has framed another nine-part board under DIG Dhiru Basnyat to research the assault and murder of 13-year-old Nirmala Panta of Kanchanpur region. 

Already a board of trustees under Uttam Subedi was shaped for the examination concerning the case. Addressing the Post, Basnet, likewise suggested for the AIG post, stated, "I have quite recently gotten the letter. We will begin the examination from another point of view following a talk." 

The Home Ministry on Saturday suspended five authorities, including two DSPs, according to the report tabled by an abnormal state test advisory group under joint secretary Hari Prasad Mainali. 

Nirmala was discovered dead in a sugarcane field near her home on July 27. A scientific report demonstrated that she was assaulted and choked to death.