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Self-claimed Buddha, the popularly known as "little buddha" is a family man

The first Buddha, Siddhartha Gautam, left his family to look for illumination. The present day - self-guaranteed Buddha, the famously known as "little buddha" is a family man with spouse and youngsters.
Tibetan Buddhist priests from a religious community in Bhutan, driven by Lama Norbu, are hunting down a tyke who is the resurrection of an extraordinary Buddhist educator, Lama Dorje. Lama Norbu and his kindred priests trust they have discovered a contender for the kid in whom Lama Dorje is reawakened: an American kid named Jesse Konrad, the youthful child of a modeler and an educator who live in Seattle. The priests come to Seattle keeping in mind the end goal to meet the kid. Jesse is entranced with the priests and their lifestyle, however his folks, Dean and Lisa, are vigilant, and that watchfulness transforms into close antagonistic vibe when Norbu reports that he needs to take Jesse back with him to Bhutan to be tried. Dignitary alters his opinion in any case, when one of his dear companions and partners confers suicide since he became bankrupt. Senior member at that point chooses to movement to[Bhutan with Jesse. In Nepal, two youngsters who are additionally possibility for the resurrection are experienced, Raju and Gita. Step by step, through the span of the motion picture, first Jesse's mom and afterward Lama Norbu recount the biography of Prince Siddhartha,

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 perusing from a book that Lama Norbu has given to Jesse. In antiquated Nepal, a sovereign got back to Siddhartha turns his on his agreeable and ensured life, and sets out on a trip to take care of the issue of widespread enduring. As he advances, he learns significant certainties about the idea of life, cognizance, and reality. Eventually, he fights Mara (an evil spirit speaking to the self image), who over and again endeavors to occupy and crush Siddhartha. Through the last total acknowledgment of the deceptive idea of his own personality, Siddhartha achieves illumination and turns into the Buddha. In the last scenes of the motion picture, it is discovered that every one of the three kids are resurrections of Lama Dorje, isolate signs of his body (Raju), discourse (Gita), and psyche (Jesse). A service is held and Jesse's dad additionally adapts a portion of the basic certainties of Buddhism. His work completed, Lama Norbu enters an underground government of reflection and passes on. As the burial service function starts, Lama Norbu addresses the kids, apparently from a higher plane, instructing them to have sympathy; and just before the credits roll the kids are seen conveying his fiery remains. At the plain end of the film credits, the sand mandala that was seen being built amid the motion picture is annihilated, "with one quick stroke."