Sunday, September 16, 2018

Singha Durbar | Season 2 | Episode 8

Season 2 of Singha Durbar TV arrangement centers around the difficulties and openings that Nepal faces under its new government structure. The arrangement keeps on featuring the political adventure of the fundamental hero and Nepal's first reel life Prime Minister, Asha Singh, played by veteran performing artist Gauri Malla. It will profile how she drives the nation to effectively receive the government structure and in addition related arrangements and plans. The arrangement will likewise contact upon issues identified with federalization; human trafficking; fiasco hazard decrease and administration; and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) rights.

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Singha Durbar (Nepali:  interpretation: Lion's Palace) is a royal residence in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The royal residence complex lies in the focal point of Kathmandu, toward the north of the Babar Mahal and Thapathali Durbar and east of Bhadrakali.[2] This castle was worked by Chandra Shumsher JBR in June 1908.[3] The royal residence used to be a standout amongst the most impeccable and rich of royal residences on the planet until the 1950s. 


It was worked by Shumsher promptly after promotion to the post of Prime Minister. It was at first a little private habitation, yet became greater amid the development. Quickly after development Shumsher sold this property to the Government of Nepal for 20 million Nepali rupee as the official habitation of Prime minister.[3] After his passing in 1929, it was utilized as the official home of head administrators of Rana tradition aside from Padma Shumsher JBR, who lived in his own particular Bishalnagar Durbar. The last Rana Prime priest to possess Singha Durbar was Mohan Shumsher JBR. Indeed, even after the fall of Rana Dynasty in 1951, Mohan utilized this place, yet in 1953 he was requested by His Majesty's Government to leave the royal residence which turned into a National Property.[3]