Tuesday, September 18, 2018

These are the 16 laws of 31 fundamental rights

Right to live with dignity (Article 16)
Right to freedom (17)
Right to equality (18)
Right to communication (19)
Right to justice (20)
Right of a victim of a crime (21)
Right against torment (22)
Right against preventive confinement (23)
Right against untouchability and discrimination (24)
Right to property (25)
Right to religious freedom (26)
Right to information (27)
Right to privacy (28)
Right against exploitation (29)
Right to clean environment (30)
Right to education (31)
Right to language and culture (32)
Right to employment (33)
Right to labour (34)
Right to health (35)
Right to food (36)
Right to shelter (37)
Right of women (38)
Right of children (39)
Right of dalit (40)
Right of senior citizen (41)
Right to social justice (42)
Right to social security (43)
Right of consumer (44)
Right against banishment (45)
Right to constitutional remedies (46)

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